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Aug 02 2010

first days in the Manor

So we may not have all the essentials in our house, but we have a lot of wonderful things. A tea set from Vietnam, a fruit bowl, a fancy coffee table, homemade chocolate chip cookies, some inherited bro-art from the last frat-boy tenants, a bamboo dining room table, and of course Texas-brewed beer, are among the first objects to inhabit the house. Some people’s rooms have beds, desks and even dressers, but mine just has my Albany poster on the wall, and a pile of blankets that serve as my makeshift bed in the corner. Of course we have internet access for our six laptops and cable for our foolishly large TV. No chairs or couches in front of the TV, but so far blankets and pillows are serving us just fine.

The one part of our house that is close to complete, is the kitchen. I wasn’t looking to waste any time when it came to that. I have already taken control of the kitchen to the point where I am the only one who can locate everything in it. It is my baby and it is beauuutiful. There is also a kitchen upstairs but we’ve decided that’s where we’ll keep the pint glasses and the drinks, and pretty much everything else will go down here. Which is just fine with me because its super close to my bed. Or, the bed that is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday.

Despite the fact that 80% of the house is empty, we couldn’t be happier. We run from room to room, giggling and making plans for how grand the place will be in the future. Last night, our first Saturday evening in town, we passed on invitations to go out to the bars and instead sat on our porch (on the ground obviously) and talked, then later danced the night away. We’re too poor anyway to do anything but leave, which is just fine by us. Just now I finally coerced everyone into our first house meeting and we made plans for buying a couch, cooking family dinners, and sharing groceries. We’re just like any other young professionals, but maybe a little more highly organized due to TFA’s influence. We haven’t made action plans yet, but I’m sure that will come when we have things to do besides set up our furniture.

Plus, the neighborhood is great. Its got brown street signs, an indication that we live in a “historic neighborhood.” There are so many trees (absolutely a necessity when running in San Antonio heat). About a mile away is Breckinridge park (where the zoo is!) which has been my running destination for the past few days. ¬†On the way to the park I’ve found a tapas restaurant, a flower shop, the YMCA and a hair salon. We’re a 7 minute drive from downtown, and only a few blocks away from the synagogue. We are half a block away from a 24 hour taco restaurant.

Mistletoe Manor

my new home. . .

Bottom line, I’m living the dream.

Tomorrow we launch back into TFA world. We start round zero, which from my understanding will be a TFA-guided planning week where we will hopefully plan out what our classrooms will actually look like. Scary, but very exciting.


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  1. Just sat down to catch up on your blog and the picture of the house looks great and I am sure eventually it will be furnished. Good luck with your students,they will be lucky to have you for their teacher. Love, Grandma

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